Vege Plan A

Vege Plan A is a global initiative dedicated to promoting a vegetarian diet which focuses on being kind to the environment, to our animals and to our health. Vege Plan A is action-oriented and believes what and how we eat can determine the future of the world.

The five principal aims of Vege Plan A are:

  •   To reach zero hunger

  •   To combat climate change

  •   To halt and reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss

  •   To promote sustainable consumption and production

  •   To push for ethical treatment of animals

This can all start today by protecting our earth and animals through the adoption of a healthy vegetarian diet. It is important to realise that equal amounts of nutrients can be achieved through adopting a plant-based diet.

Research has shown that a plant-based diet is one of the best things you can do for your body, delivering a variety of health benefits including better digestion, lowering body weight, reducing risk of some cancers and heart disease as well as lowering blood pressure.

Furthermore, practising vegetarianism helps to protect our animals and our planet. The Australian average meat consumption per person per year is 116 kg, nearly triple the world average at 41.90kg. Meat consumption contributes to a vast amount of methane and other greenhouse gas emissions, concurrently creating an abundance of physical waste.

Vege Plan A aims to improve these statistics and leave a positive, lasting impact through spreading awareness and raising support for a meat free diet.

Come engage with our volunteers at the Vege Plan A marquee who will help you explore the benefits of a meat-free diet.  There are over two million Australians who are already vegetarian and experiencing all the benefits – why not join them today?


Be kind to the environment

Be kind to animals

Be kind to your health